Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Monogamy: natural or not?

Girl's night got a little wild. A friend of mine - who is in a relationship - almost kissed a guy. When I say almost, I mean the guy was literally a few inches of her mouth ... I want to believe that she stopped for the right reason, if I wasn't around to pull her hand, the chances of her ending up in his  bed the next morning would have been pretty high. 

Laetitia did - I guess -  the right thing, and told her boyfriend. She claims she loves him and wants to make things work, and that's why she told him. He forgave her and they both agreed on working on the relationship. 

Now if you were the culprit, would you have come clean? I mean if there is no way for your significant other to know about your indiscretion, do you risk it all in the name of honesty or not? 

Or do you think sex can really be separated from love? 

I used to think of sex in a very romantic way - only with my husband, after our wedding, and voila. I changed. I had sex before marriage. I had sex without being in love. I even had one night stands - not many - but still, I did. I used to believe in monogamy as well, but now I wonder ... Is monogamy natural?

I read a bunch of articles - some feel really bad about cheating, some don't ... some felt no guilt whatsoever -- is it because they didn't really love their partner? Or is life just complicated and very gray, with no white or black answers to every question ...

BOYS: true or false? 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bi guys

Okay, this was inspired by B's comments.  I was curious have/would either of you date a bisexual guy?  I was curious because there does seem to be a double standard out there.  Most guys don't seem to mind if their person of interest is into girls too, but it seems like most women have a very strict thing about not dating guys who are into guys too.  Why is that?  I mean I get the straight guy and bi-girl thing (he's thinking threesome), Why not the other way?  

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Crush Rule

Good Evening Sunshines,

I’m not even going to address your friend in this blog because we all know she’s just all shades of crazy I will however address the bigger “crush back off” question.

I think the rule of thumb is active pursuit. You can date someone your friend has a crush on as long as they are not actively pursuing them. The guy’s feelings don’t actually play into the equation at all.

Take Merlin for example, if you or Kate or even Jamie ended up dating him I’d be fine with that. Not just because he insists on shaving his head making him look like a cancer patient but because I’m not actively pursuing him. I’m not working the “come fuck me eyes” so he’s fair game.

Sparky on the other hand, that one would piss me off. I am aware I’m not going to get anywhere with him but I am actively pursuing him so in my books he’s not fair game......unless it turns out he likes Jamie in which case.....I’m over it lol J

But I definitely think the guideline is whether or not the friend is actively pursuing the guy. You can’t just like someone you have to be trying to do something about it which completely bones your married friend on yet another level. She just needs to fly away on her broom stick.

And Jamie don’t listen to her, the no dating fish thing was all her working and very little to do with me. (I think she’s lost her mindJ)

-The Honest Bitch 

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Okay, I have nothing of interest to really say.  I have been working my ass off, and C has been working 84 hours this week.  He's also being a bit of an asshole, so we are barely grunting at each other.  But as of yesterday I am officially DONE.  TA DA!  And now I know why I am really lucky I got into college, because doing this shit for a living would suck balls.  Hell, I'm doing it for us, our home, and I still hate every second.  My summer is over:'(

Just an aside, but do you notice you women put up for more labels than me?  Is that a chick thing?

Be back in a little bit.  Doing laundry.

Evil Monsters

I have had evil monsters in my life ... 

Unfortunately, they have never been so obvious is that guy up there. They always seem to come disguised as my best friends ... 

Everything is fine at the beginning, and then all of sudden, it seems their love turns into a mix of hatred and jealousy or something similar... And I am not really sure why given that my life is far from being perfect. It makes me always wonder if perhaps it is just my imagination or perhaps I am the problem, or maybe just crazy. 

But thank goodness I have my other friends around to tell me I am not the problem. 

My first two "BFF's" both tried to sleep with my boyfriend at the time - same boyfriend, and he was extremely hot, but that doesn't justify their actions. They both admitted to it so I know he didn't make it up. However, one was so evil she went as far as coming back on her admission of guilt to say that he kind of flirted with her, but she didn't want to tell me since I was so in love with him. Fucking bitch, if my boyfriend is hitting on you, I do want to know! I don't want to date a cheating asshole, and you should be the first to warn me. 

Now the current BFF supposedly tried to warn me about my current boyfriend being an asshole - which I know B you might agree that he is, but that's not the point. The point is she is not looking out for me. She just wants us to be over because she had a crush on him a year ago. 

Now not only is she married, but is a crush really reason enough to back off from a relationship? A kiss, yes! Even just a platonic date, yes ... I would walk away, even though she has dated a guy I had dated and it did not bother me, but the inverse situation would have. I just couldn't flirt with a guy who had been interested in her. But  that's just me and I don't expect the same view from everyone. However, my boyfriend was NEVER interested in her. He never even knew she had a crush on him. 

Do you expect your girlfriends to back off just because you said the guy is cute when you saw him - even though he has no interest in you and is crazy about one of them? 


Friday, 23 August 2013

No fish dating

Since we promised each other not to date fishes today, I feel like it should be documented somewhere. Where else than our blog?

This shall never happen to us!

Jamie are you in?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rent a Friend

Robin Hood and I started dating in January after a complicated - but fun - 6 month of going back and forth.

Then we went through a dramatic break up. Well dramatic for me: he blindsided me. Try rationalizing your boyfriend breaking up with you on Saturday morning when Wednesday afternoon he told you how lucky he was to have you as an amazing girlfriend. 

And of course, a month later, we got back together. Nope I did not sit around and cry for a month waiting for him to call me back. I went to Iceland with a hot guy and had a fabulous time - sightseeing and having sex. Conversations was not this guy's forte though, which is why when Robin Hood reappeared, well I didn't ignore him. 

Anyhow, now we are back together, and everything is perfect. However, I am prepared to lose it all tomorrow, and I am ok with that. I survived the break up once, I can survive it again. 

However, my "BFF" is not taking  the rekindling too well. Now a little background on my "BFF" and I: she has a history of being jealous of me, only God knows why. She is pretty, she is smart, she is fun, and since she just got married, I was confident the boy rivalry was over for good and put behind. I guess I was wrong. It seems like she is intent on making Robin Hood and I break up, whatever it takes. 

Now if she didn't like him, I would get it. But they are friends, so shouldn't she be psyched about her best friend and friend dating? Or at least not care .... But she does. 

See she bumped into him Saturday night and here is what I received the next morning: "I bumped into Robin Hood last night, he was with Superman and two tall blond Russian girls, he wasn't doing anything wrong, but it was weird, and then he told me not to tell you that I saw him. I got really mad and told him I would anyways."

I thought it was odd  since he had told me before hand with who he was going out with, so I already knew all the details. 

I asked if perhaps he sounded like he was joking. She said she didn't know and didn't talk back to him for the rest of the night (obviously 'cause she was so mad for me.) A great Best Friend, right? 

Oddly enough, Robin Hood remembers the night differently: he said he bought her two drinks, they chit chatted for the rest of the night, and she hugged him goodbye. And she didn't bump into him. She rubbed against him from the back, and without knowing who it was, he said stop doing that, my wife is the jealous type.

Oddly all of those details seems to have slipped her mind. 

What do you think she is trying to do? I know he is not making it up 'cause I asked her about the drinks, and she brushed off the question saying she didn't really remember much. Selective memory perhaps ....  

Anyhow I think I am about to give up on her. Perhaps I will post a Craigslist ad for a new BFF. I am just not sure how to word the ad without sounding super weird and sketchy. What do you think my dear friends? Or maybe I will just RENT a friend. Yes this is for real. Check out the website: RENTaFRIEND.COM.

Of course, being curious, I checked out a few profiles and it seems so far all the postings are girls in their 20's , models for the most part. Is it just me or does it sound odd to you that young pretty models living in NYC are so eager to meet random people online to be their friends?